With a manufacturing facility boasting a skilled workforce and state-of-the-art Technology, REM create a wide range of unique products all available in a variety of finishes and colours. REM’s in house Design facility can help you realise your dream Salon working with you to produce scaled plans and 3D visuals.

Rem Earth Sustainable Furniture
Rem Earth Sustainable Furniture
  • Crowning Glory: Unveiling the Winners of the Dapper Dan 2023 Barber World Series

    In the world of Professional Barbering, the return of the renowned competition, now christened as The Dapper Dan Barber World Series, marked a pivotal moment in the industry's calendar. The stakes were higher than ever, with a stellar judging panel, prestigious sponsors, and an exciting twist that brought a touch of democracy to the selection process. As proud sponsors, we at REM were delighted to contribute to the excitement by offering our newly launched Kingsman Barber Chair as a regal prize for well-deserved winner, Callum Butler.

  • From Flooded Foundations to Soaring Success: REM’s Resilient Journey

    In August 1967, a devastating flood descended upon the North of England, leaving devastation in its wake. The river coursing through Barrowford breached its banks, submerging the entire main street flooding homes and businesses in its path. As the torrent surged along its course, it inevitably reached the doors of Salon Ltd. With the ground saturated from an extended period of rain, the stability of the land around our premises became increasingly precarious. On the 9th of August, Salon Ltd's factory fell victim to a catastrophic landslide, obliterating the workshop and numerous surrounding structures.

  • Introducing REM Earth, the Sustainable Furniture Range.

    REM's commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere rhetoric; it is an actionable blueprint for a greener and more responsible future. Through our ground breaking approach to furniture packaging, wood management, fabric waste, and cardboard reuse, we are setting a new standard for responsible business practices. By demonstrating that environmental responsibility can be seamlessly integrated into daily operations, we are not just a furniture manufacturer but a trailblazer in sustainable practices, inspiring others to follow suit and create a better, more sustainable world for all.

  • Our Commitment to Achieving Net Zero

    We’re pleased to announce our latest addition to the team, Nina Akrigg, who joins REM as our Compliance Officer. Nina’s experience will be invaluable in continuing to drive REM’s processes and systems towards being leaner and greener as we move towards our target of achieving Net Zero. Nina is also responsible for H&S and Product Compliance, which involves learning about the technical make up of a product, specifications of components and documenting. We interviewed Nina about her background, new role, goals for the future.