3rd of February

2021 Salon and Interior Design Trends

Looking at what 2021 may bring might be a cause for celebration, anxiety, joy or uncertainty. One thing is for sure; 2020 made many of us re evaluate what is important to us and at this stage we’re all painfully aware of what we’re missing, who we’re missing and are more acutely aware of stress and worry than we ever have been before. It is not surprising that nature will have a great influence on design trends for 2021.

It’s more important than ever to surround ourselves with tranquil vibes and the freshness and soothing qualities of nature, most of us have spent a lot more time indoors and it will be no surprise that we have all been trying to adopt these things in our own homes too. DIY retailers have been stripped of stock for the last year as people clamor to make home improvements and keep themselves busy, looking at their own surroundings with fresh eyes. Retailers, some of whom don’t even stock plants as the main product, have reported a more than 400% increase in sales of them.

Earthy and grounded shades

Nature is a theme we’re looking to in 2021 having had some meaningful moments with it last year; first the beautiful scenes during the first lockdown of wild animals returning to areas they would never normally venture into because of the human population. Then the fact that our daily exercise for many of us was all we had to motivate and entertain. On the flip side of that we couldn’t enjoy it as much as we wanted to in the summer months and come winter, without indoor venues being open for us to wile away our free time out of the cold and wet weather we again found ourselves staring at walls and worried for so many reasons.

Earthy and tranquil spaces are a must have for 2021; the warmth and welcoming feel of light greys and browns mixed with olive greens. The soothing colours invoke positivity and relaxation. Textures can really complement and offset these colour palettes, matt leathers, rustic veneers and the tones and textures of driftwood.

Indoor Plants

Plants of all sorts will continue to freshen and ground these indoor spaces, charging the air with oxygen and putting us in touch with our green-fingered side, something organic and basic which is good for us all.

This of course is a boon for clients and employees, these sentries of green standing amongst us while we work or wait for our appointment while sipping a coffee and thumbing through a magazine.

Sadly, keeping a bunch of plants alive in a busy day to day salon environment is not always easy or manageable. Thankfully you don’t have to miss out on flowers and plants. Gorgeous faux flower walls will live and bloom all year long.

These kinds of décor can complement all seasons creating a warm and inviting interior in the winter months and a fresh and earthy one in the summer months.


Due to its popularity, the color blush is now considered a natural tone and we expect for it to be a consistent part of 2021.

Looking back at Instagram, you will have seen the gorgeous warm and versatile color all over kitchens and bathrooms. Thanks to its ability to be combined with many different styles and other colors, it will continue to spread and make us happy.

Decorative Smart Lighting

Lighting is an important consideration; does it compliment the space? Is it too harsh? It can be bright and soft at the same time with fixtures textured with rope and other rough organic feels. Is it worth considering this and changing your current fixtures? Many salons are now moving away from spotlighting for example in favor of much gentler concealed lighting whilst maintaining a bright and inviting space. Lighting can be visually appealing and also remain neutral and not overwhelm the area.

Wicker and Rattan

There is no doubt that rattan and wicker add warmth and litheness to any room, but they also create stunning natural statements.

Combined with the current trend of plants and earthy palettes, they create a calming and relaxing environment.

Industrial styling

Industrial designs are also very diverse and can be accented to create a more masculine or feminine space whilst incorporating that natural feel with things like warm colors and wood complementing blacks.  Exposed stone work, high ceilings and a mix of different metals are often the corner ingredients of this design style.