Why to buy British Quality

It’s a sad fact that today’s world is full of misleading offers and cheap products disguised behind large flashy banners and the promise of a great deal. Often, when the product arrives, we find it is cheaply made, of poor quality and does not last nearly as long as the manufacturers promise. We are left disappointed, frustrated and out of pocket as often we have to buy a replacement for the failed goods.

Could it be that we have simply forgot to buy British. It maybe a little more expensive than it’s Chinese counterpart but it’s lifespan as a quality products will by far outweigh the extra expense.

There are obvious reasons why you should by British…. Supporting local industry and craftsmanship which in turn buys employment, and of course reducing our Carbon footprint by eliminating the need for Far Eastern freight whether by land, sea or air.

But aside from that buying British will mean you are buying a more unique product, of a higher quality, with built in longevity. British manufacturing is still regarded as one of the best in the World using skills handed down from generation to generation combined with the merging of modern technology. Is this not something we want to preserve? Don’t we owe it to our industrial heritage to keep pushing and nurture our unique skills in design and manufacturing and keep the UK retail market exciting and vibrant?

What makes a great British Brand?

A company with a successful heritage, creating beautifully designed products, made out of high quality materials, built to last and fulfilling a need.

Transparency of production is a big factor – is the company happy to open their doors for you and demonstrate their capability and process through factory and showroom visits?  Being able to touch and feel the products before you buy, can save you a lot of heartache and pain, more so when your purchase is likely to be expensive such as Salon Furniture.

What are the 3 key things that salon owners should consider or be looking for when they purchase salon furniture?

The marketplace is saturated with endless products boasting massive savings but do you really know what you are buying when you can’t touch and feel the quality of the product. Amazon and Ebay are typical examples of this quick and easy buying trend all too common in today’s world. Salon owners looking to purchase new furniture for their business should consider 3 key points before handing over their hard earned money 1) the quality and durability of the product. Is it going to stand up to the rigours of a busy salon 2) the after sales service. If anything should go wrong how quickly would the company react and repair a failing product. It’s unlikely that a product originating from China could be repaired quickly or even repaired at all. Buy British…!! 3) Price…. The cheapest is rarely the best and for that matter the same can be said for the most expensive. Shop around and do your homework, good deals can be found on British made products that comply with British Standards and will serve you and your business well.

What are the tell-tale signs of a well-made product?

It’s impossible to see the quality of a product from a small on-line image. If you’re think of investing money into refurbishing your business you need to see, touch, feel and test the product before you buy. Is it made from quality materials? Do the moving parts move easily and smoothly? Is it a recognised brand with a good reputation? It’s also worth considering the specifications of a product, is it electrically safe and does is carry the BS (British Standard) trademarks, if it’s a product with a water supply does it comply with WRAS certification, these are just 2 examples that make products legally compliant for use in the UK. You can be assured that products made in Britain comply with these regulations.

How can buying British save businesses money in the long term?

There’s a saying that goes “buy once, buy British” It’s false economy to think that a cheap on-line product will have any longevity in a busy high street salon and very like that you will be looking to replace the failed product far sooner than you anticipated. REM offer a 3 Year Warranty on their product range giving customers the confidence and satisfaction that the money they have spent will not come back to haunt them

Your initial investment into British quality might cost a little more but be proud that you are investing also into the British economy, supporting British industry and with it the confidence that your purchase will serve you well in your business for the years ahead.