REM Dryer Production Through The Ages

1920's - The Early Years Our journey began with a man called Eugene Suter who started selling hood dryers around 1918 in London. By 1930 he had invented the Eugene Waver (Pictured above), a revolutionary perming machine used extensively around the World for the next decade. 1940's - Eugene, Park Lane, London As the years progressed Eugene

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REM, Aiming for a Carbon Neutral Future

REM - Powering Towards a Carbon Neutral Future At REM, we’re keenly aware of the impact that business has had on the environment. Climate change and the threat that it brings to future generations is a risk that we take very seriously by working towards a carbon neutral future. We’ve been fortunate enough to have been in business for over a century,

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Great British Manufacturing or Risk Buying From Overseas?

British Manufacturing, Faster, Leaner & Better for the Environment? Here at REM UK Limited, our brand identity is at the heart of everything we do – it’s strong, diverse, and proudly British with over 100 years of heritage making us one of the leading suppliers of equipment and furniture to the Spa, Salon and Barber Industry. We take a great deal of

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REM Announce Trade Shows 2022

At Last, it's Showtime Again! They’re Back and So Are We! There really is no alternative to Seeing, Feeling and Trying out Furniture for your Salon, Barbering or Spa Business. This is why REM is delighted to be getting ‘Up Close & Personal’ with Distributors and Customers alike at Three Important Trade Shows in 2022. Our Enthusiastic and Knowledgeable team can’t wait to

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Why buy British for your Hair, Beauty or Spa Business?

Why buy British for your Hair, Beauty or Spa Business? Buying UK-made Furniture for your Salon, Barbers, Spa and other Health and Beauty business brings a diverse range of advantages. Especially if you look at recent global events. Here are just some of the reasons that buying goods Made in Britain, makes sense. Supply Chain Problems & Delays A Pandemic, War

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REM British Lion Brand

Our Brand is the Foundation of Our Identity. We're Diverse, Agile & Very Proud to be British. Our brand is our biggest asset. We recognise that first impressions can be the key differentiator in the Marketplace. Our most recent evolution is a reflection of both where we are in 2022 and also where we'd like to go next. Colours choices, tones and

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Behind the Chair – Serenity Beauty by Ciara

Behind the Chair - Serenity Beauty by Ciara "After 12 years in the beauty industry- studying beauty therapy through an apprenticeship working in salons and on a skincare/makeup counter, I decided it was time to branch off and set up my own business. I set up my salon, in my small home village in the Cotswolds, mid-November and I couldn’t be

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Introducing REM – Earth Range

A selection of new laminate and fabrics chosen with the environment in mind. As part of REM’s pathway to a cleaner and greener future we’re delighted to announce we have joined Just One Tree and are committed to planting trees around the World to help fight climate change. Climate change affects us all and trees are an effective way to remove Carbon Dioxide

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Behind the Chair – Alta Hair Studio

Behind the Chair - Alta Hair Studio My name is Claire and I opened a new Eco salon, Alta Hair Studio, just 2 months ago. Before the pandemic I was traveling 40 miles a day to work in a salon I ran on the other side of the Peak District. I used my experience as a salon owner to open a salon in

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New career page

NEW Career Page 1st of November 2021 Do you want to join us? Keep up to date with available positions on our new career page!

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