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REM’s complete manufacturing facility together with its own in-house design department are able to respond to any college that wants something different or specific to their premises layout. We design and manufacture our products in our own 70,000 sq.ft factory, and as such we can respond to any requirement directly and more efficiently.

Styling Areas

REM design contemporary college salon concepts; from beauty rooms to large hairdressing areas. We have a complete manufacturing facility and together with our design department, we are able to respond to the college that wants something different or specific to their premises layout.

Wash Areas

Using modern planning techniques and creative flair, REM will effectively design your college wash areas so you get the most out of your work space and budget. The following pages show examples of some recent washrooms, each designed to be efficient, reliable and comfortable. REM deliver performance and style in one coordinated package.

Beauty Areas

Working closely with each client we create flexible beauty areas that enable occupiers to experience the full potential of the space, and its many facilities. Beauty areas need to be spacious without feeling impersonal. REM’s long experience is able to bring this quality to each and every college project.

Reception Areas

REM design receptions that operate as practical areas, controlling access, and providing efficiency for the flow of people and deliveries. A successful college reception design must combine the practical and the visual to satisfy
the needs of students, staff and visitors.

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