Pendle Easy-Wash DDA Unit


The Pendle Easy Wash Unit has been designed to offer Care Homes a stylish, multifunctional wash and styling station to care for their client’s needs. The unit has both a DDA Frontwash station, tilting backwash basin, styling mirror and open towel/bottle stores plus a lower bottom cupboard with a chrome towel disposal. The Pendle unit can be ordered in a combination of 21 laminate finishes from the REM range.

  • backwash sumo basin with pre-plumbing (flexi waste)
  • front washbasin with pre-plumbing (flexi waste)
  • monoblock mixer valve and hand spray on each basin
  • unique water-saving showerhead
  • available in any laminate combination
  • high-quality porcelain basins
  • open shelves and a big upper mirror
  • towel disposal cupboard and a chrome basket
  • 2 cupboards with one shelf each
  • plumbing void underneath worktop for invisible plumbing
  • NOTE: we do not provide wall fixings, these have to be chosen depending on your wall


  • Basin neck cushion for the backwash basin
  • Bottle trap
  • Hair trap
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