REM – Powering Towards a Carbon Neutral Future

At REM, we’re keenly aware of the impact that business has had on the environment. Climate change and the threat that it brings to future generations is a risk that we take very seriously by working towards a carbon neutral future. We’ve been fortunate enough to have been in business for over a century, and we’d love for that legacy to continue for another 100 years – which is why we’re striving to switch to a completely carbon neutral way of working. That way, we lessen our own environmental impact and are doing our part in the battle against climate change.

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the improvements we’re making at REM to transition towards becoming carbon neutral.

Ethical Wood Sources

We use a wide range of wood types in our quality products to ensure that the items we produce feature the right qualities in terms of durability and aesthetics, which can be a challenging when working towards the goal of being carbon neutral. We make sure that all of our wood sources are classified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This is the gold standard in terms of ethical wood production and sourcing, as it guarantees that the wood has been sustainably harvested from forests that are ethically managed.

That means the wood we source comes from forests that are socially beneficial, totally sustainable and economically viable for us and our customers. We even source our cardboard using the same method to ensure that our work doesn’t impact the environment negatively.


Carbon Neutral Marketing

At REM, we’ve looked at all areas of our business to find ways of becoming carbon neutral – even in our marketing efforts. When creating marketing materials such as Catalogues, brochures and flyers we use printers that are FSC and World Land Trust certified to ensure all of our paper is carbon balanced and the ink vegetable-based. Our marketing team has also joined partnership with Just One Tree to help stem the tide of deforestation around the globe. Our quarterly sales campaigns are being used to promote tree planting, so for every order we take, we plant a tree. It’s early days, but since June 2022 we’ve already managed to plant 131 REM trees.


Sustainable Vehicle Fleets

With Fossil Fuels being the major contributor of greenhouses gasses in the atmosphere we’ve recently upgraded our fleet of REM vehicles to ensure they are producing as few harmful emissions as possible. All of the vehicles we use to deliver our fantastic products are fully compliant with Euro 6 standards for low emissions. What’s more, the cars that we drive are also fully electric, so we aren’t reliant on fossil fuels for transportation. We’re looking to make a difference in the World so that REM will still be manufacturing furniture in another 100 years. Our commitment is to reach a carbon neutral status as soon as possible. The approaches we’re now taking with our Spa, Salon and Barbering equipment are just the start of our journey towards a more ethical, sustainable way of working.