Our Brand is the Foundation of Our Identity. We’re Diverse, Agile & Very Proud to be British.

Our brand is our biggest asset. We recognise that first impressions can be the key differentiator in the Marketplace. Our most recent evolution is a reflection of both where we are in 2022 and also where we’d like to go next. Colours choices, tones and typefaces have been carefully selected to showcase our heritage, translate our core values across all of our marcomms both internally and externally, online / offline. As questions arise around the sustainability of Global Manufacturing, we’re adapting our business now, to get ahead, be better and take all important responsibility for our Planet.


The Evolution of a ‘Great British‘ Furniture Manufacturer.

Whilst the REM brand has evolved and stood the test of time since 1918, we seek constant reinvention and communicating our British heritage is at the heart of everything we create.

After many ideas and ways to feature everything British, the decision was made to integrate the British Lion which over time has become synonymous with Britain itself since the heraldic ages. The Lion is unparalleled in its recognisability and importance to Britain’s history and identity.

Buying Locally Manufactured  Products is fast becoming the most sustainable way to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

REM’s Commitment to an Environmentally Sustainable Future.

Our recently launched Earth Range of sustainable furniture products highlights our commitment to Government Targets and a Carbon Net Zero footprint.

As a British manufacturer and with a Carbon Neutral Policy targeted for 2030 we strive to manufacture using sustainably sourced materials that where possible, are locally sourced for a cleaner, greener product range. The REM Earth Range is an array

of new naturally inspired material finishes that can be applied to most REM products. The 5 laminate and 4 fabric choices have been carefully selected to reflect elements from the natural world.

  • REM earth range
  • REM earth range
  • REM earth range
  • REM world land trust

Make Your Core Values Count, Take Note of your Customers.

We listen to our customers. Our Market Research has always brought out the best in us and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank our Creative partners, D&M Creative Ltd for their ongoing brand advice, marketing support and constant reinvention capability.

If you’ve bought REM furniture products previously or are thinking about an upgrade, we’d love to hear from you and would welcome any feedback about the REM Brand or Product Quality. If you’d like us to feature your Salon, Spa or Barbershop on our website or through our Social Channels, please use the comments box below.