Why buy British for your Hair, Beauty or Spa Business?

Buying UK-made Furniture for your Salon, Barbers, Spa and other Health and Beauty business brings a diverse range of advantages. Especially if you look at recent global events. Here are just some of the reasons that buying goods Made in Britain, makes sense.

Supply Chain Problems & Delays

A Pandemic, War and the lingering impact of Brexit are all helping to disrupt international supply chains. This can make delivery deadlines slow and unreliable, especially for goods travelling by sea. It could leave you with purchases that are hard – or impossible – to return if they are incorrect or faulty. As a British Manufacturer we offer clear prices for delivery too; no hidden extras for additional freight or customs charges!

Other Transport Issues

The challenges of getting equipment from overseas are not just due to major world events. For example, there is a widespread European shortage of staff, affecting international transport and logistics companies. Fortunately, here at REM we have focused on creating robust last mile delivery systems. We offer reliable dates for goods to arrive on time, as well as quick turnaround on equipment orders. REM Furniture, including fully bespoke products are turned around within 4 to 6 weeks, importers cannot get anywhere near this!

Rising Costs

At one time, the main attraction of using overseas suppliers was cost savings. However, saving money often means that corners are cut and poor quality furniture is usually the result. With rising fuel costs and logistic delays often make it economically more viable to source from British manufacturers. There’s also no currency rate variation or variation in price because of this.

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Quality Issues

UK manufacturers of specialist equipment are tied by rigorous British quality standards, and trade body guidelines. This ensures that you can buy equipment for barbering, hair salons and spas from REM with confidence. The same quality standards are hard to check – or woefully absent – from some overseas suppliers. Or poorly-made items need to be replaced more often. Cheapest is not always best in the long run

Corporate Responsibility

Buying British-made equipment also makes your supply chain more transparent and accountable. This can be vital if you have a strong corporate responsibility stance and want to be certain that suppliers practice sustainable manufacturing, for example. It’s also crucial to know that the working conditions of the workers who make the furniture are good and pay is at an acceptable level.

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High Customer Service

Having a friendly British-based sales/support team to talk to can be invaluable. We have a UK team ready to take your call and deal with any question you have during UK hours. Orders can be placed, updated, changed and added to in a stress-free way. Especially when you use the knowledgeable and helpful sales team at REM.

Agile & Responsive Equipment Suppliers

Buying British-made equipment from REM also gives you unrivalled opportunities to source made to order furniture for your hair and beauty business.  You can also visit our showroom centrally located in Lancashire. Seeing the options in person can be a great way to commission bespoke furniture, including choosing different materials and finishes to match your interior design. Also, to help you visualise your furniture we have an online configurator allowing you to build the furniture meet your own, distinctive style! Alternatively, we can arrange a meeting with an insightful and responsive local distributor near you.

REM has been manufacturing in Britain since 1918, proving that we can be trusted and that we know our clients’ needs well!

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