Carla Chatburn, Pure Perfection, Padiham

The Story

In 2023 we were approached by Carla Chatburn from the Pure Perfection franchise to create a flagship salon in Padiham, Lancashire.
Here is the story and timeline behind the design, consultation and completion of the stunning new salon.

The Vision Behind the Pure Perfection Franchise

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial for REM, who played an instrumental role in designing and fitting my dream lifestyle salon and bringing the Pure Perfection franchise to light. As a veteran in the beauty industry and the proud owner of multiple salons under the Pure Perfection Beauty Group for the past 20 years, I can confidently say that REM’s expertise and dedication have been truly transformative.

From our very first meeting, REM demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of the beauty industry and an innate ability to capture my vision. Their passion for creating spaces that blend style, functionality, and innovation was evident in every step of the design and fitting process.

REM’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence were second to none. They meticulously crafted a salon that not only reflected the essence of the Pure Perfection brand but also created an environment that exuded luxury and sophistication. From the elegant reception area that sets the perfect tone for our clients’ experience to the thoughtfully designed treatment rooms that provide a haven of relaxation, every element was carefully considered and flawlessly executed.

One aspect that truly sets REM apart is their ability to merge creativity with practicality. The team masterfully balanced aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that our salon operates seamlessly and efficiently. The layout optimises workflow, allowing our talented team of professionals to deliver exceptional services while maintaining a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

What truly impressed me about working with REM was their unwavering dedication to our vision. They took the time to understand our brand values and translated them into a physical space that embodies the essence of Pure Perfection. The result is a salon that not only captivates our clients but also fosters a sense of pride and passion among our staff.

Throughout the entire process, REM exhibited the utmost professionalism and responsiveness. Their ability to listen attentively and communicate effectively ensured that our collaboration was seamless and stress-free. REM’s expertise, combined with their exceptional project management skills, made the entire journey a true pleasure.

Thanks to REM’s incredible talent and unwavering commitment to excellence, our Pure Perfection franchise has flourished beyond my wildest dreams. The salon has become a destination for beauty enthusiasts seeking top-quality services in an environment that radiates sophistication and tranquillity.

I wholeheartedly recommend REM to anyone in the beauty industry or beyond who is seeking to bring their vision to life. Their unparalleled creativity, attention to detail, and passion for perfection make them the ideal partner for any design and fitting project. With REM by your side, you can trust that your dream space will become a breathtaking reality.

Thank you, REM, for your exceptional work and for being an integral part of the success of the Pure Perfection Beauty Group. Your unwavering dedication and artistry have elevated our brand to new heights, and I am forever grateful for the impact you have made on our journey to perfection.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Carla Chatburn Owner, Pure Perfection Beauty Group

Designer Statement by REM

It was a real pleasure working with Carla to help design her new Pure Perfection salon. It’s such a fab space and with it being local I had the opportunity to visit the building at an early stage. This helped me get a good feel for the space and allowed us to work together to help bring her vision to life.

Working with Carla’s initial ideas we came up with a complimentary colour palette and introduced some furniture to create a luxury space while still keeping within budget. As it was an old building, we had to design some bespoke items to fit the unusual room shapes, this gave us the freedom to create something functional and helped personalise each and every space in the Salon.

We tried to keep the space neutral in tone with a mixture of natural colours, wood finishes and textured fabrics. This added interest to each room and complimented the original features within the property that resulted in a timeless, elegant ambience while still keeping it a calm and relaxing space to enjoy.

The final interior layout was achieved without too many adjustments that helped speed up the process allowing us to move onto the 3D visuals and finalise the colour scheme without delay. Carla was really helpful throughout each stage of the process with everything being well communicated by all parties involved making it a real pleasurable project to be part of and I really hope to work with her again in the future as her business grows.

Francesca Corteen – REM Senior Interior Designer

Sales Representative by REM

In early 2023 we were approached by Carla from the Pure Perfection Group to discuss the opening of another branch set to be the flagship salon in the Pure Perfection Group. This new salon in the bustling market town of Padiham was a well-placed, detached property in need of some love and attention if we were to create a beautiful, functional beauty salon.

Together with our interior designer Francesca, we worked closely with Carla to design each and every room in the building which included a beauty make up area, pedicure and manicure rooms and three treatment rooms all to be furnished with a selection of REM furniture. The materials were carefully chosen by Fran and Carla. Soft lighting was installed along with warm colour schemes and premium materials to evoke a sense of tranquillity and class that helped set the tone for the remainder of the salon.

Carla and her husband Marcus were a pleasure to work with and I’m sure this new flagship salon will attract many a client seeking an unforgettable pampering experience.

Michael Roach – Sales Director REM