Crowning Glory: Unveiling the Winners of the Dapper Dan 2023 Barber World Series

In the world of Professional Barbering, the return of the renowned competition, now christened as The Dapper Dan Barber World Series, marked a pivotal moment in the industry’s calendar. The stakes were higher than ever, with a stellar judging panel, prestigious sponsors, and an exciting twist that brought a touch of democracy to the selection process. As proud sponsors, we at REM were delighted to contribute to the excitement by offering our newly launched Kingsman Barber Chair as a regal prize for well-deserved winner, Callum Butler.

Pre-event Excitement:

The buzz surrounding The Dapper Dan Barber World Series was notable from the moment the event was officially announced. Under the discerning eyes of the illustrious judging panel, led by Dapper Dan Director Simon May and featuring industry heavyweights such as Colin Petrie, Mark Maciver, Mike Taylor, Charles Gray, and Rhys Whitehouse, expectations soared. The addition of sponsors like Dapper Dan, Matakki Scissors, Nearcut, and ourselves ensured that the competition’s prestige matched its prizes.

Our Contribution:

As sponsors, we were thrilled to be part of this grand affair. The highlight of our involvement was the offering of our newly launched Kingsman Barber Chair as the grand prize. This state-of-the-art chair boasted a fabric covering in the rich hue of Autumn Bark, with the iconic Dapper Dan logo proudly emblazoned on the leg rest.

Post-event Results:

After an intense period of anticipation, the 2023 Dapper Dan Barber World Series reached its crescendo, culminating in the announcement of the winners. Callum Butler claimed the title of Barber of The Year, showcasing exceptional skills that set him apart in a field of fierce competition. The other category winners, Itesh Fakoo (International Barber of The Year) and Bella Barba Co (Barbershop of The Year), also demonstrated excellence in their respective categories.

Judging Excellence:

The judging process, overseen by the highly experienced panel, identified five finalists in each category. For the first time in the competition’s history, the audience had a voice through the inaugural Audience Vote, adding an exciting layer to the decision-making process. Callum Butler’s victory, in particular, stood out as the audience resonated with his exceptional talent.

The 2023 Dapper Dan Barber World Series was a spectacular showcase of talent, innovation, and the spirit of competition. As sponsors, we are immensely proud to have played a role in this grand event. Congratulations to all the winners, and here’s to another year of pushing the boundaries in the world of Professional Barbering!