REM Barber Furniture Stars in Snickers Advert

REM is thrilled to announce the inclusion of our Barber Furniture in Snickers’ latest advert, as part of their ‘own goal’ marketing campaign leading up to the 2024 European Championships. The ad features football stars Bukayo Sako and Luka Modric, with a funny twist involving a haircut mishap and a Snickers bar.

Our prestigious Emperor Select Barber Chair in British Racing Green features at the heart of the advert complemented by the sophisticated presence of The Montana Gents Unit in a rich Warm Praline Woodgrain finish.

REM’s Commercial Director, Trevor Lingard said, “You can imagine the smiles on our faces when we saw Luka Modric sat in our Emperor Select Barber Chair!”

“Then to see Bukayo Sako standing next to him was a great surprise.”

“REM Quality has no bounds. Is it your Goal to own REM furniture..?”

We’re immensely proud that Snickers selected our Barber Furniture to showcase, a testament to the superb quality we consistently deliver.