From Flooded Foundations to Soaring Success: REM’s Resilient Journey

In the 1960s, our company, formerly known as Salon Ltd, had its roots firmly planted in the Hollins Bank area of Brierfield. Little did we know that August of 1967 would mark a pivotal moment in our history. This is the story of how REM weathered the worst flood to hit the North of England, transforming adversity into triumph.

The Deluge:

In August 1967, a devastating flood descended upon the North of England, leaving devastation in its wake. The river coursing through Barrowford breached its banks, submerging the entire main street flooding homes and businesses in its path. As the torrent surged along its course, it inevitably reached the doors of Salon Ltd.

With the ground saturated from an extended period of rain, the stability of the land around our premises became increasingly precarious. On the 9th of August, Salon Ltd’s factory fell victim to a catastrophic landslide, obliterating the workshop and numerous surrounding structures. The flood made national headlines, its impact immortalised on the front page of The Guardian. To this day, it stands as the worst flood to have engulfed our local area.

Rebuilding from the Rubble:

In the aftermath of the landslide, Salon Ltd faced a critical juncture. However, resilience and determination defined our response. The company underwent a change in location, finding a new home under the wing of Suter Electrical. This strategic alliance marked the beginning of a new chapter as Salon Ltd and Suter Electrical joined forces in Hendon Mill Nelson.

From the ashes of destruction emerged a stronger, more dynamic entity. The collaboration with Suter Electrical empowered Salon Ltd, propelling it to new heights. Nestled in the well-equipped and state-of-the-art factory at Hendon Mill Nelson, the company focused its efforts on manufacturing Hood Dryers at an unprecedented scale, producing thousands with precision and efficiency.

The floods of 1967 may have washed away the foundations of Salon Ltd, but they could not dampen our spirit. The transformation from tragedy to triumph exemplifies REM’s resilience and ability to turn challenges into opportunities. Today, as we reflect on our journey, we stand proud, symbolising the unwavering spirit that defines our brand – a spirit that weathered the storm and emerged stronger on the other side.