21st of May 2021

Landau Training Academy

We are excited to share some fantastic news with you. REM have been working with the Landau Academy providing Salon Furniture to support students working towards achieving NOCN Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 Vocational Studies qualifications in hair and beauty. On the day of the launch celebrity hairdressers Royston Blythe & Nick Malenko were invited to open the Academy and offer some keen advice to the pupils in attendance.

Sonia Roberts, Landau CEO, quoted –

“We are so excited the salon is finished and can open as a facility for students under current government guidance for learners taking part in vocational training.

“It’s a superb addition to our existing facilities at Stoke and means we can support those service users with an interest in the health and beauty sector to gain the skills and qualifications they need to go on and gain employment in the industry.”

Find out more about Landay Training Academy here.